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Marc Fucarile on the Boston Red Sox: “This team’s the real deal”

Piers Morgan

Six and a half months since the bombings at the Boston marathon, and less than 24 hours removed from the same city’s triumph in the 2013 World Series, on Thursday evening “Piers Morgan Live” welcomed Marc Fucarile for an emotional primetime interview.

The last victim to leave the hospital, and the worst injured of all the survivors, Fucarile had one of his legs amputated as a result of the terror attacks, and was hurt so badly that his family stalled fundraising efforts for fear he wouldn’t survive.

But throughout his recovery, the Stoneham, Mass. native remained a loyal Boston sports fan, and Wednesday’s clinching win by the Red Sox offered an appropriate visual paired alongside the city’s proud “Boston Strong” narrative:

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I changed thigs up a bit to clarify what’s going on in the beginning. Not sure I will keep it, what do you think

Success Mind Control

Success Mind Control (Photo credit: Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist)

I am hoping this clarifies what happens during the story. It’s kinda creepy and I’m not sure whether to make it worse or make things easier and not so creepy. Let me know what you think!


 She is very deep in sleep.. Dream researchers forced themselves into her mind and were also labeled “bad guys” later for mentally torturing her.  They make her conditioned to do anything they wanted even after she woke up. They  torture her until they knew they had her. The dreadful pain she feels if she did not comply  eventually makes her do what they wanted.

They were waiting for someone like her. Someone whose mind was too strong to allow them in when most would allow them in without delay. This girl had an eidetic memory and had a huge wall up so no one could get into her mind. Until now. Now that she was in such a deep sleep, and for an extended time period, they carried their every whim into her mind. Once in, they  start conditioning her. They will control her will if it killed her. They must put the device in so deep no one can ever keep her from them.

If they conquer her now, no one in the world can stop them from controlling any person through their sleep. It is an endless game to control the world through the world leaders, most of which are hard to break through their will. It will be easy to keep up with new leaders of any kind.

This girl, Cyndi, will show them what to do to make anyone do their bidding. The great leaders of countries would become  puppets for them.How they would fall before them! If the subject is able to handle the pain, the bad guys  explode their minds and the voters would have to get someone to take their place. It would be easy enough to use voter’s minds who were not so hardened to their control. The Dream Researchers, or bad guys, get people to vote into office anyone they wanted. Including the political office of their choice. The main person over the country would turn asunder anything that tries to keep them out of all sleeping minds. Cyndi is their last effort to use their method of conditioning against strong minds that refuse them entrance. It ends up being easy to gain enterance using pain and circumstances, and not killing her in the process.

They laugh once the device is implanted into her mind while she slept so long. Cyndi is doomed to be their puppet once all is done correctly to make her one of their minions. This is their time for celebrating. It takes time to find the right terror to allow them in. That is what took most of the bad guys’ time. They have to find the best combination of terrors to get in deep in her memory.

Cyndi’s mind was hard to get through, even though she is close to being comatose, She refused them entrance so many times. If they break her will, then nothing else stood in their way. They will take a year or more to make sure they can control her in all situations. They can let her have happiness for a time, and then go in. Anytime they wanted.

They are glad to have such a fine research director. His mind was easy to enter with regular sleeping with no walls up to keep them out. He refused to help them until they placed the device that controls him in his deepest memory. Now he is invaluable to helping them to break people. The original device was not good enough.

This scientist was able to come up with more ideas to help them. He had never though of being a bad person, but now he was using his methods in a form of savagery that could break anyone. He was able to find a combination for anyone to succumb. Cyndi is their last specimen to know they can enter anyone’s mind.

They finally find her weakness. A paralyzing fear of being alone with forbidding thoughts of a terrorist who captures her and has no remorse to use intense pain to make her scream out if she resisted. They could deal out pain and thoughts of circumstances until she lets them into her deepest memory to put in a device. A device made of energy thought processes but is unbreakable once it is implanted deep enough.

Cyndi has an eidetic memory which makes a barrier they are afraid they could not break through. The long, deep sleep helps them immensely. She is not in control of her dreams or unconscious mind once they worm themselves in. Now they seek the right way to condition her without killing her if possible. They finally find the perfect way of getting to her eventually since she is sleeping so long. Related articles

Susan 101

I’m finally blogging but had to use my cell. So no theme or anything inspiring right now. Get ready and as excited as I am for Scared to Remember to come out! As soon as I get the site made, look for free chapters to read!
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Chapter One:

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